Lucy Loo Wales

Social Media Marketer + Graphic Designer + Illustrator

Graduate of 2018 class of Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s in Fine arts in Medical Illustration. I continued my education and got certified in Online Marketing and Analytics from Emeritus, Business School of Columbia.

I am always expanding and learning new things, wanting to achieve an advanced skill in everything in the art world. I am also a mental health advocate, attending and participating in comic con, “Cripping” the Con at Syracuse University almost every year.

I also have an online shop called “The Nerdy Wales” where I sell products like custom graphic tees and car decals, made by my Cricut machine named “Bad Boi.”

I have a love for puns and horrible jokes, surreal novels and graphic novels, coffee, and cats. I have one child-cat named Renaldo moon and I live in Binghamton, NY, with my wonderful partner, Ryan.

So support a local artist, all the images that are this website can be purchased as prints. Some of the originals are even on sale. Feel free to contact me and look for my “Wales” online!

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