I’m back!

Hey everyone! I am completely moved in, the essentials of my studio is set up, and now it’s time to get to work!

So some new things. I am accepting new contracts! Let’s start with a bang! Then, I will be updating the website soon and everyone will be able to buy prints on my website soon! For right now, I am having a mystery print sale: $15 or 4 for $40. They will be matted to 11”x14” and mounted on acid free foam board, signed and numbered. Go to my social media for more details or message me!

Published by Lucy Loo Wales Design + Marketing

I am all about being versatile. I have my bachelor's degree in fine arts from Rochester Institute of Technology, Medical illustration. Before graduating, I also worked in graphic design, editorial illustration, and fine arts. I've been slowly expanding my education, getting certified through Emeritus college's Columbia Business School for online and digital marketing. I work at a local Chiropractor's office, CHIROsport & Spine, where I make their graphics, marketing, and manage their social media. Through a lot of love and hard work, branding has been successful and we're on our way making our online presence known. I have worked with a variety of different clients and I'm always looking to expand my clientele family! If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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